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Rogue bull that killed 2 persons in Sakchi dies, post mortem to reveal reasons, rabies suspected

Bull was tranquilized and sent to Kaliadih Gaushala where it breathed last, medics suspect rabies

Jamshedpur: The district administration went into a huddle as the news about the death of the ‘rogue bull’ at Kaliadih Gaushala reached it. The bull had killed two persons on Friday at Sakchi. While the post mortem report is awaited, veterinary doctors suspect that the bull might have been suffering from rabies that made it violent and that finally caused its own death too.

However, the news that the bull had died under mysterious circumstances sent the administrative machinery into a tizzy. An inquiry was launched into the reasons of the death of the bull.

At first, the police had detained two people in connection to this, but they were later freed after being questioned.

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The circumstances under which the bull died are presently being investigated by the authorities.

In the wee hours of Friday, the bull had wreaked havoc in Sakchi and had killed two people.

Later, the bull was tranquilized by a tranquiliser dart supplied by the Tata Steel Zoo medical staff before being sent to Kaliadih Gaushala.

According to District Animal Husbandry Officer Surendra Kumar, the bull died at around 2 in the morning while being under the supervision of medics.

A post-mortem of the bull was completed by a four-person team that has been formed to look into the bull’s death.

animal husbandry officer surendra kumar
Animal Husbandry Officer Surendra Kumar.

The cause of death cannot be ascertained until the post-mortem report is made public. Kumar claims that the doctors had given an injection to calm down the agitated bull; nevertheless, once it regained consciousness, the bull may have passed away from the resulting stress.

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On Friday, the bull attack in Sakchi had claimed the lives of Ashok Agarwal and Raj Kishore.

The bull had been injected with a tranquiliser in an attempt to control it. The entire thing is being looked into by the police right now.

Could the bull’s demise have been brought on by the injection’s overdose or by some other factor?

The post-mortem report would provide information on the bull’s real cause of death, according to the specialists who conducted the examination.

The report is anticipated to be made accessible shortly, however based on the bull’s fury and other circumstances before its death, it is suspected that it might be suffering from rabies.

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It’s probable that it had previously been bitten by a dog or another stray animal, which would have turned it into a dangerous, aggressive animal that killed two people.

Although the experts believe that even an intoxicating substance may cause such violent behavior from the bull, they think that rabies was the most likely cause to blame for the bull’s state.

It is suspected that the bull might have been bitten by a rabies infected dog.

rogue bull dies
Rogue bull was transquilized before being taken to Kaliadih Goshala.


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