Monday, March 27, 2023

District BJP goes into mission mode for 2024 polls, holds training for OBC Morcha unit at Mango

Jamshedpur: The BJP OBC Morcha Jamshedpur Mahanagar unit launched a training course for its cadres at the Rajasthan Bhawan on Mango Dimna Road. The training course was organized on Saturday and was attended by a large number of party workers.

The BJP has gone into a mission mode keeping the 2024 parliamentary elections in mind. The party has set its goals for 2024 and is presently working to enhance its structure.

BJP OBC Morcha meeting
BJP OBC Morcha Training Course.

Amarjit Yadav, the state president of the OBC Morcha, Bidyut Baran Mahto, the MP for Jamshedpur, Gunjan Yadav, and Dharmendra Prasad, the district president of the BJP OBC Morcha, led the workers and emphasized the need for being ready for 2024 elections..

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Dharmendra Prasad, the district president of the OBC Morcha, said that that the workers are being instructed on how to efficiently inform the people about the government programmes from the center and develop the party structure all the way down to the booth level.

He highlighted that BJP members stay in election mode all year long and will come together in 2024 with full energy to support the formation of a BJP government at the national level.

Bidyut Mahato addressing OBC Morcha training course
MP Bidyut Mahto addresses the BJP OBC Morcha Training Course on Saturday in Mango.

Office holders and employees from all the Mandals and Morchas of the Jamshedpur Mahanagar BJP attended the training course.


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