Monday, March 27, 2023

Iranian women are baring their hair to protest against hijab law

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, women are increasingly protesting against the state’s strict conservatism regarding women’s clothing.

Last year, women in the country erupted in protests after the death of a young woman named Mahsha Amini in the custody of Iran’s morality police after she was arrested for not covering her head according to the dress code. Now they are protesting Iran’s hijab law by uncovering their hair.

The issue of women’s rights has been the most talked about since the protests spread in Iran last year. Women took to the streets to defend their rights.

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Students from schools to universities participated in the protest. However, no exemption was given even though the protestors were women. Arrested for no reason. They face punishment.

According to a report, the Islamic Revolution took place in Iran in 1979. However, the country could not implement the dress code made by religious leaders even after a few decades.

According to the law, it is mandatory for women in the country to cover their head and hair.

Long and loose clothes should be worn so that the body structure is not understood. However, many women of different ages and classes wear tight clothes in Iran.

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They wear thigh-length coats. Also wear a brightly colored scarf that exposes your hair. And since Mahsha Amini’s death last year, women have been baring their hair and demanding an end to the hijab law.

Zeinab Kazempour, a woman engineer in Iran. She walked on the stage at an event in Tehran, wearing tight pants and a shirt and holding a microphone in one hand. Her long brown hair, tied in a ponytail, was left open in defiance of Iran’s strict hijab laws.

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She denounced the current ruling party for supporting the hijab rule, she said, and then marched by removing a scarf from her neck and throwing it on the floor beneath a giant picture of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Many other women like her are now walking the streets of Iran with bare hair and tight clothes. And protesting to give up the country’s state policy of conservatism.


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