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Xi Jinping plans to visit Russia amid simmering tension over Ukraine war

Already fractured world politics is now seeing further divisions over Russia-Ukraine war. The tension in world politics has been simmering over the Russia-Ukraine war for the last couple of weeks.

US President Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev and Poland to mark the war’s anniversary has highlighted another challenge. Biden’s dramatic visit to Kiev last Monday and his speech in the Polish capital Warsaw the following day further bolstered support for Ukraine.

In an address to the nation on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the war in Ukraine as a larger existential war against the West. As long as the war lasts, Washington will stand by Kiev – Biden’s speech in Kiev and Putin’s speech show how long the war can last.
Meanwhile, China has started its new strategic game in the tense situation of the two big powers. to Russia for use in Ukraine.

US has warned China not to send weapons. However, China says it has no plans to send weapons to Russia. China sent top diplomat Wang Yi to Moscow. It has been reported that President Xi Jinping will visit Russia soon.

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In his address to the nation, Putin blamed the West for the war in Ukraine. Shortly afterward, in a speech in Warsaw, Biden said Putin thought the world was going to end, but he was wrong. NATO is now more united than ever. Kiev stands firm and Western support for Ukraine will not fail. He promised that Russia will not win the war in Ukraine.

Putin has announced the suspension of the New Start nuclear arms control agreement between the United States and Russia. The announcement raised fears of an increased risk of nuclear war. Days after the announcement, the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, voted to suspend participation in the deal.

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Meanwhile, China’s Foreign Ministry has said that it is not considering sending lethal weapons to Moscow for use in the Ukraine war. The US and NATO have spread false information about Beijing’s role in the war.

Xi Jinping plans to visit Russia amid ongoing tensions. According to sources connected to his possible visit plans, the news published in the international press said that Xi Jinping wants to take the initiative to end the war and start peace talks. Also he would want to ensure that nuclear weapons will not be used in this conflict.

The date of Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow and summit with Putin has not yet been fixed. However, he can go on that trip to Russia in April or May this year.

China’s top diplomat in Moscow, Wang Yi, held a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Wang said that under strategic leadership, Xi Jinping and Putin continue to work at a high level between the two countries. He then met with Putin in the Kremlin. In the meeting, Putin said that Russia-China relations are developing according to the plans of previous years. Everything is progressing and improving. Relations between Russia and China have reached a new milestone. Putin said he is looking forward to Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia.

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Wang Yi said that no other country can pressure China and Russia. There will be no shortage of relations between China and Russia in the face of pressure from different countries.

Meanwhile, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said six German-made Leopard tanks will be sent to strengthen Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

Yevgeny Grigozin, head of Russia’s mercenary Wagner Group, accused the Russian army chief of ‘treason’. He said top military officials were not supplying weapons to his forces.


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