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Jamshedpur slides into Carnival mood with food, fun and music

Jamshedpur: After a long hiatus of three years owing to Covid-19 pandemic, Jamshedpur Carnival once again returned to the steel city. Tata Steel VP Chanakya Chaudhary formally inaugurated the 3-day carnival Friday.

The carnival witnessed heavy footfalls on the very first day as people, especially the young ones, were seen enjoying the offerings of the carnival..

The young crowd was happy that the Jamshedpur Carnival, which had been postponed for three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was finally restarted on Friday at the Bistupur Gopal Maidan.

The three-day carnival was inaugurated by Tata Steel Vice President Chanakya Choudhary and other dignitaries.

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Jamshedpur carival 2
Food, fun and music galore at Jamshedpur Carnival.

Jamshedpur is known for its festive atmosphere, with numerous celebrations and festivals celebrated one after another throughout the year, especially more so between November and March.

The festivities started with the Flower Show. Soon after, the Dog Show was inaugurated and the same day the annual coin too began and now the Carnival has been inaugurated.

The carnival’s resumption indicates that life is returning to normal following the waning of the pandemic.

Attendees at the three-day Jamshedpur Carnival will be able to enjoy a variety of food and entertainment programmes.

Chanakya Chaudhary at Carnival
Jamshedpur Carnival.

Tata Steel Vice President Chanakya Choudhary encouraged the public to attend and enjoy the carnival, which is being organized jointly by Tata Steel and Tata Steel UISL, and to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy their favorite entertainment programmes and dishes.

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During the Jamshedpur Carnival’s inaugural ceremony, Tata Steel Vice President Chanakya Chowdhary described the event as a symbol of social harmony, with all attendees coming together as Jamshedpur residents.

Jamshedpur carival 1
Music at Jamshedpur Carnival.

For attendees to enjoy themselves to the hilt, the Jamshedpur Hoteliers’ Association has set up stalls with a variety of dishes from around the country.

Several senior officials from Tata Steel and Tata Steel UISL, as well as Hoteliers Association office bearers and other dignitaries, attended the inaugural ceremony.


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