Saturday, January 28, 2023

US and Germany to send armored vehicles to Ukraine

The US and Germany have announced that they will send new armored vehicles to Ukraine. This time, the United States will send the Bradley military vehicle to Ukraine and Germany will give the Marder warship.

It’s been a year since Russia invaded Ukraine. So far, the United States has sent nearly three billion dollars in aid.

In addition, Germany has also sent a sophisticated Patriot missile system to Ukraine to help deter Russian airstrikes.

US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz agreed on Thursday to send heavily armed warships to Ukraine. It is being hailed as a new step in Western military support to counter Russian aggression.

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Biden and Schultz “reaffirmed their unwavering solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the face of Russian aggression,” the joint statement said.

“Right now, the war in Ukraine is at a critical stage,” Biden said. We are doing everything we can to help the citizens of Ukraine resist Russian aggression.’

Meanwhile, the Pentagon and State Department said the armored vehicles would be part of a larger package of military aid to be announced in the coming days.

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