Tuesday, February 7, 2023

WHO asks China to provide accurate information about Corona

The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked China to provide the real situation and accurate information about the corona virus so that other countries in the world can understand the situation and take immediate measures.

The country has stopped providing information despite the recent increase in new infections. In this context, the United Nations organization made this call in a meeting with Chinese officials, news reports said.

WHO held a meeting with Chinese officials last Friday. According to a statement issued after this, the World Health Organization has asked to provide specific and daily information on Corona regularly. This should include information on the type of coronavirus, hospitalizations, infections, ICU bed admissions and deaths.

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The agency said timely information must be released so that China and the world can assess the real risks and take action. After the lifting of the lockdown policy, there have been widespread infections and deaths in China, but those conditions are not reflected in official data. Recently, data on widespread infections and deaths has come out according to various monitoring and research institutes.

They held talks after WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called on Beijing to provide more information on the pandemic situation.

Officials of China’s National Institute of Health and Prevention informed the WHO about the increasing corona situation in China and vaccination, treatment, etc. in that meeting. At the meeting, WHO officials emphasized vaccination and booster vaccinations to protect people at high risk from serious illness and loss of life.

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In late 2019, the first coronavirus infection was detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Then it became a global pandemic.

Due to the strict lockdown for almost three years, although the number of infected people is less, the corona virus has been rising in China for several months. China recently withdrew from the zero-covid policy after strong protests in various parts of the country demanding the lifting of the long lockdown. Infections and and deaths have been increasing since then.




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