Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Saudis ready to celebrate new year with food and drink, fireworks and music

Desk: Saudis are changing. And their country too is changing fast. Thanks to reforms being introduced by MBS or Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.

It was unimaginable a couple of years back, before the advent of MBS, to see people, men and women, celebrating the advent of new year with open arms openly. But now this is happening.

New Year 2023 is knocking at the door. Various events are going on around the world to welcome the new year.

This time, various preparations for the new year have been completed in Saudi Arabia too. According to reports in different media channels, the Saudis will welcome the new year by organizing delicious food, colorful fireworks and music.

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This time all eyes are on the historic Alula area.

Lately becoming a desired destination for Saudi tourists and travelers, Alula’s Tantura will be accompanied by a Spanish music performance. There is a splendid cultural evening.

This is the first anniversary of the Saudis entering the era of organizing musical events. The occasion is seen specially for this reason. In addition to other events, there will be dance performances by various local cultural groups in the Aljadidah town of Alulla. The Saudis will also have the opportunity to participate.

Famous restaurants such as Alulla’s Marbella will be hosting bahari cuisine. Food festival is going to be held in this city for the first time after the corona epidemic. In a festive atmosphere, the Saudis will freely taste Italian, European, Chinese and Indian local dishes.

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Great fireworks will be displayed by government and private initiatives in small cities including the capital Riyadh.

Renowned Saudi musician Mohammad Abdo will sing in a concert at the world’s largest glass architecture ‘Maraya Music Hall’.

The ‘Maraya Social’ restaurant has a wide range of food and drinks. Music lovers are booking food in advance.

(Inputs from several sources available on internet)




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