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When will Messi return to PSG camp? when will he play?

When will Messi return to the PSG camp and when will he play? His coach at PSG says it may take 12-13 days for him to return to the field after joining the camp.

After the World Cup, Europe’s top leagues have started. One round of the Premier League has rolled into the field. PSG will enter the field in League One on Wednesday night. While Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Jr. were open to play in that match, Lionel Messi did not join the camp. After winning the World Cup, he is spending a holiday in his home country, Argentina.

The coach of PSG said that he can join the team’s training camp by January 2 after the holiday. In other words, the league match on January 2 will not be played by Leo, who won the Golden Ball of the World Cup in Qatar. As indicated by the PSG coach, the Argentinian star is also uncertain for the January 12 match.

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PSG coach Christopher Gaultier said, ‘He had to return home after winning the World Cup. There were celebrations, there were festivals. Due to these reasons, Leo has taken leave till January 1. We expect him to join the team on January 2 or January 3.’

Messi won the World Cup for 10 days. Since then, the country is celebrating, they are participating in the event. He is not in practice. He had some injury concerns in the World Cup. The PSG coach mentioned that Messi may take another 12 days to return to the camp with full fitness.

He said, ‘It may take 12-13 days for him to return to the field after joining the camp.’

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Besides, the coach also mentioned that Messi has no problem with PSG star Mbappe. Defeat in the final is disappointing for Mbappe. However, he thinks Frenchman Mbappe has the class to congratulate Messi.



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