Saturday, January 28, 2023

Snow storm kills 8 people in Japan

Tokyo: Snow storm has engulfed various regions of Japan. Daily life has been paralyzed by the high-speed blizzard, so far 8 people have been reported dead.

Due to the devastating snowstorm, thousands of homes lost power, dozens of flights were canceled, and business activities came to a standstill.

Japanese media has reported that so far 8 people have lost their lives in various accidents due to heavy snowfall across the country while 45 people have been injured and are being given medical assistance in local hospitals.

According to the Meteorological Department, the snow levels in the areas of Shimane, Hiroshima, Kochi and Hokkaido are higher than normal and there is a strong possibility of more snowfall.

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The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast 100 cm of snow in parts of the Hokuriku region in the 24 hours to 6 a.m. Saturday, 70 cm in the Tohoku, Tokai and Chugoku regions, 60 cm in the Hokkaido and Kinki regions and Shikoku. 50 cm of snow is predicted.

Japan Airlines canceled 59 flights and All Nippon Airways 41, affecting about 3,750 and 1,470 passengers respectively. Many of the canceled flights were departing from or arriving at airports in areas along the Sea of ​​Japan coast.

According to the report, authorities in prefectures along the Sea of ​​Japan have instructed people to stock up on basic food needs and stay indoors as much as possible.

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