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Morocco’s rise marks a renaissance in African football

Africa could not do well in tournaments like the World Cup in the past. This is the first time in the history of the football World Cup that Morocco has played in the semi-finals from the African continent.

It is being seen as the rise of Africa in football.

Morocco’s success this year is expected to spark a renaissance in the region.

In the eyes of the country’s coach, Walid Regargui, an African country will win the World Cup in next 15 to 20 years.

Five countries from the African continent played in the World Cup.

Nine countries will play in the 48-team World Cup in 2026.

After the third place match on Saturday, Moroccan coach Walid Regragui said, ‘If nine teams from Africa participate, we will have the opportunity to match ourselves.

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We are going to learn more and I am sure – in 15 to 20 years an African country will win the World Cup.

He said – I told the players in the dressing room today, if you want to go down in history, you have to win the African Cup of Nations. I want my players to dominate their continent as well.

Egypt was the first African country to play in the 1934 World Cup.

At that time most African countries were under colonial rule.

After the Second World War, many African countries gained independence, but for the next 36 years, no country got the opportunity to play the World Cup.

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However, the presence of African countries in the 1990 World Cup is well understood.

In the opening match of the 90 World Cup, Cameroon shocked the football world by defeating the champions Argentina.

They are also the first country from the African continent to play in the quarter-finals.

Like Cameroon in 2002, Senegal surprised by defeating the champion France.

20 years later, Morocco’s Sameh Zaghania’s performance won acclaim.

The coach of the team, Regargui, is more than happy,

‘We have gained a lot of experience in a short period of time. We have set an exemplary example for Africa. Seeing us, the children of Africa will now dream of winning the World Cup. But we will not stop here. This year we have fought equally with the best teams, which is a unique achievement for us. We aim to win the World Cup. One day I will definitely be able to reach that goal.’

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Morocco has played well since the group stage in Qatar World Cup.

After drawing with Croatia, beating Belgium and Canada, the team made it to the last sixteen as group champions.

Morocco made history by defeating Spain in the knockout and Portugal in the quarter to advance to the semis.

Despite losing 2-0 to France in their mission to reach the finals, the country is hailed by fans as champions. Morocco’s World Cup journey would have been more memorable had it not been for the loss to Croatia in the third-place match.




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