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Argentina World Champs! Messi & Men win in penalty shootout

Argentina are world cup champs now after scoring more goals in penalty shoot out in a sensational final match than France.

Earlier, Mbappe equalized again after Messi scored again after France equalized in a sensational final. Tie resulted into extra time that failed to give a decision.

In the penalty shoot out, France lost nerves, while Argentina held it tightly thanks to Argentina goalkeeper and shooters.

Earlier, Messi scored once again. Argentina have almost won the World Cup 2022. On the verge of it now well into extra time. France has very little time now. Desperate moments for them.

Earlier, France scored 2 quick goals, one through penalty kick and next through sheer brilliance, 2-2 now.

France scored 2 quick goals. One through penalty kick and another gthrough sheer magic. After Argentina scored again, France too equalised.

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The score is 2-2 now.

Earlier, Argentina were 2-0 up against France. This, goal was scored after Messi scored in a penalty kick.

The match has been one-sided till 38th minute.

26 minutes into the game, Argentina earned a penalty and Messi scored rather easily with a sly shot. The entire world heaved as Argentina went 1 up against France.

Qatar World Cup final stadium is about to come down.

The host Qatar has dominated the World Cup held in Arab countries. All the great stadiums, infrastructure built just for a World Cup.

The World Cup cost $200 billion, the most in history, to make a 28-day event a success.

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In the meantime, FIFA President Gianni Infantino has said that the World Cup in Qatar is the best in history. But many want to give the title of the best after the end of the season.

The first Winter World Cup in World Cup history will end with the final between France and Argentina on Sunday. It will be preceded by an hour-long closing ceremony.

According to the media, the closing ceremony will start at 4:30 pm local time. Davido and Ayesha will perform there. They will perform on the song ‘Haya Haya-Better Together’. ‘Arbo’ will be sung by Ajuna and Jims.

Nora Fatehi, a Canadian Bollywood actress of Moroccan origin, will be one of the attractions at the closing ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar. She was one of the performers of the World Cup theme song ‘Light the Sky’. The producer of that song was Red One. who was the producer of the songs ‘La La La’ and ‘Waka Waka’ in the previous two World Cups.

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Qatar World Cup final will be held at 6 pm local time. The closing ceremony and finals will be held at the 80,000-capacity Lucille.

Therefore, the program will be completed at least 30 minutes before the start of the match. So that there is no difficulty in starting the game by taking care of the field.



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