Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Argentina wins in Croats’ solid midfield-defense and height versus Messi’s attack

Argentina has overcome the challenge of the opponent’s height and has entered the finals with confidence.

Players from Australia and the Netherlands were long-bodied. In those two matches, the Socceroo-Dutch were scared by the height, but the Latin team came to the semi-finals after overcoming it. But the height test is not over yet. Croatia’s defensive and attacking players are also tall.

Beneath their goal posts is a 6ft 2in wall. Belgium-Brazil suffered from that wall. In defense are Lovren, Guardiol and Juranvic. Their height is over six feet. In attack are Kramaric, Perisic and Pasalic. They are also over six feet tall. Compared to that, no one is taller than Argentina’s De Paul, Romero, Alvarez. Set pitch i.e. free kick, corner kick, Messi’s team has to be careful.

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Lovren, Giverdiol are not only tall but solid in defense. Lovren played at Liverpool for six years. Another played for RB Leipzig. The 20-year-old Guardiola’s market value is close to 100 million euros. With Masterclass midfield there is Croatia. That is their dream.

The midfield of experienced Luka Modric, Brzovic, Orsis and Kovacis is the best of the season.

No team could come to the World Cup with a strong midfield like them. They controlled the match in midfield against Brazil. Argentina’s defense is better equipped than ever.

The team conceded five goals in five matches. Romero and Otamendi proved themselves even though Croatia conceded only three goals. The Argentinian coach also prefers to attack while defending.

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Lionel Scaloni attacked the team with two wings. With Alvarez scoring goals with Messi, the attack looks pretty solid. It is believed that Argentina could not show a winning game. However, in those Saudi Arabia, Poland, Australia and Netherlands matches, Messi kept the opponent under pressure.

Argentina’s weakest point was considered to be their midfield.

The midfield was not bad with De Paul, Alistair and Pardes. However, the team was behind in controlling the ball and showing creativity from the midfield.

21-year-old Enzo Fernandez replaced the midfield. The youngster played the entire 120-minute game against the Dutch.

He was also one of the best players of the match. The Croat-Albiceleste semi match saw a lot of drama.

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But victory finally went the Messi way.




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