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Is eating sweets always unhealthy for everyone?

Many people like to eat sweets after eating. In almost all Indian communities, sweets are people’s favorite food. Many think that there is a risk of gaining weight in eating sweets. There is a ring of truth to it, however, this may not be entirely true, for everyone, in all circumstances.

However, there is no doubt that one who is diabetic has to completely avoid this food even if he likes it. If you have diabetes, you have to completely forget eating sweets. But sweets are not only carriers of only bad health impact. Rather, they have many good effects too, for those whose sugar level is normal.

According to the reports published in media, nowadays many people suffer from the problem of acidity. This problem is aggravated by eating food fried in unhealthy oil. According to experts, daily diet is mainly responsible for this acidity. However, eating sweets can reduce this problem to some extent.

According to gastroenterologists, acidity problems are aggravated by eating spicy, salty and oily foods. But eating a little sweet after eating these will reduce the acidity.

According to doctors, eating too much unhealthy food increases the amount of acid secretion from the stomach. Sweets help reduce the amount of this secretion.

Does eating sweets increase weight?

Calories are the main reason behind weight gain. So there is no risk of gaining weight without eating more than a certain amount of sweets. There is no danger of harming the body if you play according to the size and requirement of your body.

Can diabetics have sweets?

If you have diabetes you can’t eat any type of sweets at all – doctors don’t give such blanket advice. Rather, if the blood sugar level is not severe, a small amount of sweets can be consumed under the doctor’s advice.

However, under the doctor’s advice is the most important condition here. It is better to avoid sugar and be on the safer side, if your sugar level is on the higher side.

Also, according to many experts, homemade sweets with sugar free ingredients can be safely consumed.


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