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Puppet and Magic Shows enthrall children on Day 2 of Bal Mela at Sidhgora

Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh attends inauguration ceremony, lauds Saryu Roy’s initiative, underlines need for more outdoor activities for children

Jamshedpur: A mega children’s fair ‘ Bal Mela’ is currently being organized at the Children’s Park located within the precincts of Surya Mandir at Sidhgora in Jamshedpur and it is attracting a large number of children and their parents.

On the second day of the Bal Mela, several cultural programs were organized for the children.

The different programs organized for children included Puppet Show and Magic show.

The programs would continue till tomorrow i.e. November 14, Children’s Day.

Children’s Park has also been given a new look.

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Saryu Roy at Bal Mela

The Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy himself was present during the programs.

A large number of children and locals are seen participating and enjoying the fair.

The cultural programs are attracting a lot of children and their parents.

MLA Saryu Rai also participated in a puja organized by the Gayatri family, where MLA Saryu Roy prayed and lit a lamp.

The Bal Mela is based on the theme of clean and healthy childhood.

This is not just a fair but it is the beginning of Bachpan Bachao Abhiyan by Saryu Roy, which will give a new direction to the mental and physical development of the children in order to help the children build a better tomorrow and future.

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Thus spoke the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh Narayan Singh yesterday during his address on the occasion of the inauguration of the three-day Bal Mela being organized at the Children’s Park in Sidhgora.

At the initiative of Jamshedpur East MLA Mr. Saryu Roy, a three-day Bal Mela was inaugurated at the Children’s Park in Sidhgora.

The guests present on the occasion inaugurated the program by releasing balloons bearing the message of Bal Mela and by lighting a lamp.

During his address, Harivansh further said that in the last 30 decades, in this era of globalization, the use of technology has increased rapidly and there has been a sort of revolution of technology..

Screenshot 20221113 111415
Puja and lighting of lamp at Bal Mela

He said that while it has brought in benefits, there are some side effects too, especially for children.

He said that this has seriously affected the living and eating habits of the children.

Today children spend most of their time on mobiles, computers, laptops and iPads. They play violent games on it. Children have forgotten to play physical games. The side effect of this is that today children are facing the consequences of diseases like shoulder disease, eye disease etc. as well as suffering from diseases like diabetes.

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Children are cut off from the group and spend time alone. This is having a more serious effect on children with single parents. Parents have also become so attached to technology that they do not have time for children. Children are no longer getting the same environment as before, due to which the emotional well-being of children are being affected.

He said that children get a better environment in a joint family. Earlier children used to listen to stories from grandmother and grandmother. Different types of comic literature were available for children and children used to do outdoor activities collectively, which developed their personality. The work of character building in children starts from family and school.

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He said that the Children’s Park provided by Mr. Roy and the fair starting from this year will prove to be a unique gift for the children.

He said that the Children’s Park will provide opportunities for outdoor activity and motivated the children and parents to take advantage of it.

MLA Saryu Roy in his address said that for two years the outdoor activities of the children had come to a stop due to Corona.

He said that they are putting up various types of swings in the park and beautification work is being done in the Children’s Park using their own funds so that the children of the city can get a better place to play.

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He said that children are the future of the country. A good environment and education leads to better development of their personality.

He said that in the past too he has been providing free education to the poor and needy children of government schools through ‘Veenapani Pathshala’.

Now the second batch is studying in Veenapani School. Changes in students are reviewed every three months.

He said that he had not expected that the event would be of such a grand scale and children and parents would participate in it with such enthusiasm.

He felt the need for more preparation due to the enthusiasm with which the children and parents participated.

He said that 2700 children from 84 schools participated in the competitions organized for children today. Mr. Roy said that it is a privilege that the Bal Mela was inaugurated by Harivansh Narayan Singh, an outstanding journalist and Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha.

During the program, Mr. Harivansh also rewarded the winners of the sports competition by giving them medals and certificates.






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