Saturday, December 10, 2022

Japan-India defence co-operation all set to soar high, to counter-balance China


The news that Japan will soon export stealth antennas to India is soothing for Indian defence professionals. It is a system that is already equipped on a new Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer.

If this deal comes through, it would be the first export case under a Japan-India agreement on defense equipment and technology transfer signed in 2015.

This Japanese decision will help India get rid of its over-reliance on Russia for military hardware. This would further enhance the defence co-operation between Japan and India. Both the countries are members of Quad and this co-operation harbingers well for the security considerations of both the democracies.

Japan too needs to boost its defence industry, while it also stresses the need to ensure that its tech transfer is not used for offensive purposes and remains limited to surveillance and minesweeping.

According to reports, in the Unicorn system numerous antennas are housed in a horn-shaped structure. It is equipped on the MSDF’s new destroyer FFM commissioned in 2022.

By covering the antennas under one structure, the Unicorn system can reduce the reflection of enemy radio waves. On previous Japanese destroyers, each antenna was exposed on the mast.

Both India and Japan have security concerns about increasing maritime domination of China.

And both Japan and India are wary of China’s hegemonistic intentions.

Japan and India are part of “the Quad,” a quadrangular security framework that also includes Australia and the United States.

This deal is likely to further strengthen this security framework in the days to come.

India-Japan Defense and Security partnership has grown with time and the recent bonhomie between the leaderships of the two countries has started bearing fruits.

It is good that India appreciates the importance of Japan in its economic, technological and security plans.

Japan and India have had age-old mutual civilisational relations and respect for each other.

It is good that the civilisational relations are now fructifying into mature relation that will definitely benefit both the countries in the time to come, especially when it comes to the need of calling out the communist bully in the room. 

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