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Grooming Jihad exported to the West: Greek woman murdered by Pakistani boyfriend, 24 men arrested for raping 13 year old in UK

Greece and UK are increasingly becoming victims of grooming jihad as horrific cases emerge everyday. A 30 year old Greek woman was found dead in her basement and her Pakistani boyfriend, the main suspect, is missing. In a more horrific case, a 13 year old girl was raped by 34 Muslim men in Bradford, UK and pushed into prostitution.

A 35 year old woman was found dead in the basement of an apartment in Papanastasiou Street in Larissa, Greece a month ago. Initially the police thought it could have been a death due to pathological conditions as the victim’s corpse was found in a decomposed state lying on a mattress. However, the coroner’s report revealed that she had sustained a severe injury to the head.

The woman was lying dead for nearly a week and discovered only when the owner of a nearby store checked the apartment after noticing the stench. Neighbours informed the police that she had complained about her boyfriend, a Pakistani Muslim, in the past. He is missing and police are on the lookout for him.

Such incidents have become a daily affair in Greece, much like Bharat, due to the influx of Pakistani and Afghani men. It is to be noted that Turgut Özal, former President of Turkey which wants to takeover Greece through jihad had said in 1990s that they don’t have to go to war to get Greece and that sending a few million immigrants will finish it off. It is suspected that Pakistani and Afghani Muslims are encouraged to illegally enter and live in Greece to wreak havoc in the country, similar to how Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims wreak havoc in Bharat.

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In a much more horrific case from the UK, police forced arrested 24 men in connection with the rape of a 13 year old English girl. The girl was raped from 2007 to 2011 when she was a minor and pushed into prostitution. 

Omar Taj, Pasquale Massimo (40), Khazer Hussain (41), Syed Shabir (39), Abbas Hussain (41), Mussadaq Hussain (37), Amjad Hussain )36), Syed Hassan Basharat (33), Hannan Miah (37), Burhan Uddin Ali (36), Abdul Basith (40), Asif Budhia (39), Shazad Khadam (38), Ibrahim Ali (35), Ashfaq Ahmed (34), Aftab Ahmed (33), Yousaf Bhatti (36), Anwar Aziz (32), Shahinul Haq (35), Jameel Ahmed (32), Brian Davis (53), Khalid Parvez (63), Mohammed Nadeem Ali (38) and Muhammad Yasir (36) are the 24 men who were apprehended and produced in the court.

Men in their 30s and 40s raping a child of their daughter’s age is not just horrific but also shows how the grooming gangs in UK have grown multifold. Thanks to the Muslim appeasement and woke policy of the rulers and elites, the country is losing its young generation to grooming jihad. The Daily Mail reported that nearly 19,000 girl children were sexually abused in 2018-19 alone.

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Areas like Lancashire, Bradford and Birmingham saw an alarming number of increase in sexual assaults through grooming. The number is a drastic jump from 3,300 grooming cases 5 years ago, reports say. While Greece suffers due to its Islamist neighbour, the UK suffers because of its woke liberal ideology and Muslim appeasement. The recent attack on Hindus in Leicester and how UK police turned a blind eye should show what’s wrong with the country despite going through such horrific abuse of children.

Greece which faced the Islamist onslaught during the Ottoman Empire’s invasion, also faces a severe crisis as youngsters are blinded by the woke ideology. Greek media worries that more and more young girls are seen with Muslim partners due to an urge to look cool and liberal. As a result gruesome cases of abuse and murder are on the rise.

A 17 year old girl Nicoletta was killed by her Pakistani boyfriend for allegedly talking disrespectfully about the Qur’an. The 22 year old Muslim man was so trusted that the family had given him keys to their apartment. The victim’s father however didn’t approve of the relationship and warned Nicoletta against having relationships with “these types of people” in general.

While initially it was thought that Nicoletta was killed because she wanted to break up, later from the killer’s testimony it was revealed that it had a religious angle. He said that he was getting Nicoletta’s help to file another asylum application and an argument ensued. They were talking about getting married in Italy and Nicoletta asked the Muslim man to become a Christian. He says she spoke “badly about Qur’an” and that prompted him to lock her head from behind resulting in her suffocation and death.

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However the Pakistani individual had four different identities and his asylum application was rejected once. Police were investigating how he managed to continue living in the country even after his application was rejected. Love jihad, as it was known before, has arrived in Greece, the media feels and Greek City Times had published an article about the phenomenon calling it the “Islamification of woman under the veil of love”.

The article laments that “Impressionable youth, often with good intentions with their anti-fascist ideologies, are blinded from reality” and calls for them to extend it to Islamic fascism as well. It further notes, “After 400 years of Ottoman occupation, Greeks as a people have a historical memory of Islamic jihadism, unlike Western Europeans. We should therefore not be influenced by their naivety to the dangers of radical Islam and all its strategies – including Love Jihad”.

(This story has been reproduced here with permission from Hindu Post.)


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