Sunday, January 29, 2023

India must stop Hindu genocide in Pakistan and Bangladesh

It took a former Congressional candidate Manga Anantmula, the mother of a US Navy commander to call out Pakistan’s systematic cruelty against minority women.

She took on the Pakistani Ambassador Masood Khan during a Q&A session at the National Press Club on Friday and demanded that he address the issue of forced conversions and the rape of hundreds of women who identify as religious minorities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

“Manga’s bravery today deserves praise and recognition,” said Deepti Mahajan, CHINGARI Project Lead. “She stood up and spoke up for the voiceless girls and women in Pakistan who are forcibly converted to Islam and married off to much older men with no say in the matter.”

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It is sad that the Indian government and India’s institutions have never raised any questions over Pakistan’s declared policies against its minorities and its systematic silence and non-action on frequent incidents of rape, abduction and forced conversion of minority girls and women, especially those from the Hindu community.

India has raised Kashmir and terrorism issue on international fora with conviction and strength and has succeeded in isolating Pakistan.

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However, it has never questioned and unmasked Pakistan over its systematic annihilation of minorities and the torture of womenfolk from the minority communities.

The depletion of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan amounts to nothing but clear case of genocide going on for decades.

It is time India raised its voice and stopped the systematic genocide of Hindus in both these Islamic nations.



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