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Art of cinema or subtle attack on Hindus and their sanatan values?

It is very subtle. Out of 3 hours, maybe only 3 or 4 minutes and at different places. But, the motive is premeditated and measured. And the impact is deeply hurtful for the entire Sanatan culture and Hindu community.

A few might have felt uncomfortable here and there, while watching a movie, at such odd insertion of completely illogical scenes that did not fit in with the story.

Yet, most ignored it as a part of cinematic art and something that falls under the privilege of artistes and directors.

Anyhow, no one has time to accumulate and collate all such craftily created scenes and episodes to make a coherent sense out of it.

Until someone like twitter handle Gems of Bollywood points it out, no one even bothered.

But, now please ask yourself.

Was there any sense in having a scene with Dharmendra speaking comically in the voice of Bhagwan Shiva from behind his Murti in the film Sholay? Creating comedy with Hindu gods and murtis?

Why did the dialogue writer Salim-Javed do that?

gems of bollywood exposes sholay

Really? Did that scene even make any sense to any of crores of Hindus who watched that movie?

And did anyone even notice that all the bad guys in Sholay always wore a tilak?

Until @gemsofbollywood exposed it.

And what maybe the motive in showing a Hindu in saffron robes drinking liquor from a bottle left over by the Hero in the middle of a romantic song in Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi by Mahesh Bhatt?

Showing a Hindu in saffron drinking leftover liquor is a subtle trick. Showing villains with tilaks with mantras being chanted in the background is a subtle trick.

And crores of Hindus watched everything laughing, smiling, crying, and never noticing how someone was brainwashing them in a subtle and very clever manner. Deep messaging that has had an impact on several generations of Hindus.

Actually, when then normalize a Hindu in saffron drinking leftover liquor, they prepare grounds to justify lynching of sadhus in saffron robes in Palghar.

Have you ever thought about it?

Every such message from such scenes prepares grounds for an aftereffect of lulling your sensibilities and outrage.

If you do not outrage at a sadhu being shown in bad light in a movie hall today, tomorrow you would hardly outrage when he is lynched by a mob.

So, there is a message in claiming to be a ‘big beef eating guy’ and attempting to visit Mahakaal Mandir.

The message is normalization of desecration of even the highest-held values of Hindus. So that you never think of outraging or reacting when something sinister happens. You would be trained and numbed enough to take it and forget it.

Sadhus lynched by a mob in Palghar.

Kader Khan kept writing idiotic dialogues for a long time. And the paying Hindu viewers kept clapping over those dialogues and lines which were clearly written for a purpose. How deracinated can an entire community be?

None like Hindus. Just imagine if a Hindu writes such lines on other religions and then think what reaction it would cause.

Here is another sample from the same Kader Khan. Can you notice the subtle iconoclasmic tendencies working silently here? And have you seen how Hindus have paid for and supported such Timurian instincts without even a whimper? Is it art or subtle propaganda against one religion at all levels? All bills footed by the victims of the propaganda themselves.

And even Hindu writers and directors too resort to same tricks thinking that viewers must be liking such scenes if others have been doing this for this long successfully.

Here is a scene from an Ajay Devgan movie scheduled to be released on Diwali.

Will you blame Hindus if they decide to boycott this movie?



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