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3 reasons why viewers are justified in boycotting Brahmastra and everything Bollywood

If you are so progressive that you can boast of being a big beef guy, one wonders why you need to visit a Mahakaal Mandir just before your film release? For provoking people and creating free publicity?

Desk: The brouhaha over a series of boycott calls given by random common Hindus is threatening to sink the entire Bollywood ecosystem.

The common people on the streets are angry. The common man expressing his opinion on social media is angry.

The common youth uploading random videos on Youtube and other channels is upset and angry.

The same youth that made Aamir Khan starrer pk a super-hit movie and kept the three Khans as superheroes for decades is angry. And this anger has a genesis. In the rotten world of Bollywoodian cinema.

There are many reasons for this anger and some can be enumerated here.

Filth, filth and more filth

Bollywood has always been a filthy place. But, the level of filth offered has gone up by several yards during the times of current bigwigs of Hindi cinema.

From the infamous AIB roast in which all the top bigwigs were openly a part and were uttering rotten words in front of juniors and their own mothers, to the subtle abuses and slurs used in the movies to tarnish Hindus, Sadhus, their cows and their culture, Bollywood has only offered filth and more filth.

Just click and listen to the filth spouted by the famed director below.

And just imagine the level of gutter he would take the entire society into. Now imagine that he is doing all this when his own mother is in the audience. Literally.

Then there is one filth against religion that is always targeted at Hindus and their dharma. Never at any other religion. Never at the system. Never at those who run the system.

That Hindus have now understood this open filth being served to them and also the subtle attack at the roots of their culture, is not their fault.

For the courageous, here is a video that exposes all of them and their filth. And it is billed as India’s most epic roast.

They love to do everything that violates common sensibilities

If marrying one’s own daughter is brave, courageous and very intellectual, then one may not be shocked by this. But, the reigning super director of Bollywood is known for having some queer fads. Like lip-locking and dreaming of marrying a daughter.

Is there a society or a culture that allows this?

Maybe there is. But, in India? Among Hindus who watch cinemas the most?

screenshot of internet search
Screenshot of internet search

Anything that violates Hindu sentiments is game, sporty and trendy for Bollywood. They become progressive by laughing at Hindu saints, culture, and rituals. Because they know that it would either be completely ignored by the maximum number of viewers, or explained as woke and modern by the dhimmi Hindus.

And for most part of Bollywood history, they have been proven right. It is only now that Hindus have started resisting.

If you are so progressive that you can boast of being a big beef guy, one wonders why you need to visit a Mahakaal Mandir just before your film release? For provoking people and creating free publicity? Can you take such liberties with other faiths? Have you ever? Anyone?

It’s never about art, always about clan, coterie and mafia

You would think that Bollywood is about business, art and creativity. It has never been about that. It has always been, at least in recent times, about clan, coterie, casting couches and mafia. Otherwise, how do you explain that this year Filmfare did not even invite to its award function anyone from Kashmir Files? No one? No director, producer, actor. Forget about giving the film awards, they did not even invite them to the festival. And Filmfare is only a magazine based on Bollywood industry.

Even a common man knows whether Kashmir Files deserves an award or not. But ignoring it completely is something that can go unquestioned only in Bollywood.

And no Amitabh Bachchan has even whimpered about such open bias against the most successful movie of the year.

This is the level of hypocrisy that makes this filthy world of Bollywood cinema.

No wonder, most of the Hindus are completely fed up with the filth being served to them.

And they are completely justified in boycotting films that they feel are against the grains of their culture.

This direct intervention from the viewers in the state of affairs, through a very democratic movement of boycott, is all set to cause a big churning in the film industry.

Already the results are showing.

While Karthikeya 2 has become a roaring success, South Film Industry is coming out with films on Chola dynasty too.

Just think of it.

No one even made a movie on one of the greatest kingdoms of India.

Only now are they doing it.


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