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No one should be deprived of education and medicine: Ashok Bhalotia

Ashok Bhalotia claims edge in upcoming elections of Jharkhand Marwari Sammelan

Jamshedpur: The election of the state president of Jharkhand State Marwari Sammelan is going to be held on Sunday, July 31 next.

Two candidates are in the fray, so elections would go to the ring and voting would take place.

Jamshedpur resident Ashok Bhalotia, a strong candidate for the post of state president of Sammelan claimed Friday that his victory was a foregone conclusion and said that he is getting full support of the members of Marwari Sammelan and the voters from all the districts of Jharkhand.

While interacting with the media at Bistupur Rajasthan Bhavan, he said that after meeting the members of the community during the election tour of all the districts of the entire state along with his supporters for the last two months, it has become clear today that in almost all the districts and cities, he has tremendous support base.

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He said: “My victory is certain and it is certain only with the cooperation of the community.”

He said that he would like to make a record by increasing the margin of victory.

He urged all the voters to cast their votes and said: “Be sure to carry your ID card with you at the time of voting.”

In the press conference, Ashok Bhalotia informed the media about his future plans after winning the election.

He said that he would try to get a well-equipped office/building built for the organisation in Ranchi.

He also said that he would try to ensure that no person of the community is deprived of education and medicine due to lack of funds.

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He also promised to form committees at the district level in order to improve the community and said that intelligentsia, women and youth should be included in such committees.

He said that he would try to provide assistance or arrangement to the needy of the society in employment and business.

He also promised to reach at least 10 thousand members in the coming 6 months in the organization and said that he would try to engage women in particular.

He said that there should be at least one member from every family of the society and he or she should get the right to vote.

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He also promised renewal of ID cards to all life members of the Sammelan.

Those who were present in the press conference included Nirmal Kabra, Umesh Shah, Bajranglal Agarwal, Naresh Modi, Arun Bakrewal, Ashok Goyal, Ashok Modi, Arun Gupta, Rajesh Pasari, Vinod Mittal etc.

They also reiterated that the voters of Jharkhand State Marwari Sammelan this time have made up their mind to vote for Ashok Bhalotia and elect him as the president of Sammelan.


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