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NCERT must continue with ‘rationalizing’ and ‘revising’ curriculum

The systems and the nexus built by the leftists still has a vice-like grip over academia, journalism, publishing industry and the gullies of elite intellectualism. They are very shrewd and alert to even a slight loosening in their grips.


NCERT must continue with ‘truth-combing’, ‘rationalizing’ and removing the leftist garbage from curriculum ignoring the storm being created by the left historians and academicians to stop the process.

For too long has the Indian populace continued swallowing utter lies and complete garbage in the name of learning history and social sciences in schools and colleges.

It seems most of the social sciences, especially history, chapters were written with malafide intent. More to hide truths than reveal them.

Most of the children have learned about the greatness of Akbar, the king, through extolling chapters. None of them, however, is aware of the true meaning, purpose and import of Meena Bazaars that Akbar held in his kingdom.

The truth has been so cleverly and systematically hidden, and lies have been so consistently propagated from all corners that we have chapters after chapters and movies after movies and serials after serials on Akbar, all sanitized in the most heinous leftist ways.

That there was something called ‘mountains of heads’ associated with Akbar’s reign too is never mentioned. His lust and sexual perversions and the stories of his harem are never revealed. Ask any leftist historian and he would interpret it as a part of his ‘diplomatic’ initiative to have good relations with neighboring states by marrying the daughters of defeated kings.

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It is a mercy that they do not term his sexual shenanigans as the first ‘Marxist-Leninist and Islamist social equity revolution”. Who knows? If they get a second chance, they would even pronounce it.

Abul Fazl himself describes Akbar’s harem as – “There were five thousand women in Akbar’s harem and these five thousand women were different from his 37 wives. A tavern was built near the Emperor’s Palace.

There were so many prostitutes gathered there that it became difficult to even count them. If a courtier wanted to take a new girl home, she had to take permission from Akbar. Many times there was a quarrel among people to carry beautiful girls. Once Akbar himself called a few prostitutes and asked them who was the first to enjoy them ”.

Think about it.

Such people are extolled as one of the finest kings in our textbooks.

Contrast this with Maharani Ahalyabai Holkar, who was easily one of the finest rulers of India, steeped in Indian culture and Hindu dharma, yet who, at most, gets only a passing mention in the history books.

Poet Joanna Baillie wrote in 1849 in her honour:

In latter days from Brahma came,

To rule our land, a noble dame,

Kind was her heart and bright her fame,

Ahilya was her honored name

Ahilya Bai is a living proof that only in Hinduism, with exception of tribal and primitive societies, females are accorded the highest level of equality and respect.

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From a tiny village to a flourishing city, Indore turned prosperous during her 30-year rule.

She built a large number of forts and roads in Malva and temples made by her dot the entire geography of India, from Srinagar and Haridwar to Indore, Pune, Srisailam, Udipi, Gokarna and Kathmandu.

temples made by Ahilya Bai Holkar
Temples built by Rani Ahilya Bai. Image courtsey: True Indology

She built temples, orphanages, residences and irrigation tanks, yet lived a very modest life herself. She lived in a small house in Maheshwar and she never built anything for herself. She used to even sleep on the floor. She kept chanting “Shiva” all her life.

And that is the reason why the ’eminent historians’ do not like her and would unwillingly mention her name in a few lines.

Left has lost its moorings in Indian politics and is about to be consigned to the dustbins of history, everywhere, including India.

However, the systems and the nexus built by the leftists still has a vice-like grip over academia, journalism, publishing industry and the gullies of elite intellectualism. They are very shrewd and alert to even a slight loosening in their grips.

After Covid, the NCERT felt the need to rationalize the curriculum a little by deleting many unnecessary chapters from social sciences book for reducing academic load on the students.

That has made the entire left and Islamist cabal sit up and cry ‘wolf’.

The NCERT should not only continue with its rationalizing exercise, but should also ensure that the revision of curriculum exercise and then the drafting of National Curriculum Framework ensures that the full-of-lies and disgustingly partisan content written with leftist prism is done away with meticulously.

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The hypocrisy of the left liberals and their cowardice in taking on the highly retrogressive ideas steeped in centuries old Arabian desert culture is going beyond tolerance of rational minds everywhere in the world.

And their hypocrisy and slavery to Abrahmism, especially Islamism, is being noticed and questioned in all countries.

It is only now that the left liberal cabal has started facing the enlightened lens, thanks to proliferation in social media and internet and the ease in accessing primary sources and alternative ideas on any given topic.

Left ideas are too anti-humanity and Pol Pot-ish. And their complementary alignment with regressive anti-Hindu, and most times anti-Indian, forces is almost total.

On most issues concerning India, the stand of the left cabal almost always matches that of ISIS. That shows how utterly noxious a force they have turned into despite being on the margins of Indian polity.

It is time the leftist mal-content is also excised away from our textbooks.

Neeraj Atri has written and spoken about the lies of left historians in detail. His book “Brainwashed Republic” is a seminal work that enlists all that is wrong with our textbooks.

He has also exposed the falsehood of textbook narratives through his videos.

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