Friday, September 30, 2022

Violent protestors would be barred from joining Armed Forces

Police verification necessary for all recruits before being accepted as Agniveers

Jamshedpur: The Indian military has clarified that those engaged in violence in the name of protest will be barred from joining the armed forces.

Those seeking to become Agniveers must declare that they were not involved in arson while applying. During a tri-service address on June 19 to clarify doubts and concerns about the Agnipath scheme, it was announced that persons who had participated in violent protests and damaged public and private property would not be allowed to join the Indian Army.

Police checks will be conducted on all recruits before they are accepted as Agniveers, Lieutenant General Anil Puri said.

They will be fired if they hide their participation in the unrest.

He said the Indian Army is built on discipline and that there is no room for vandalism or arson. Every individual will have to verify that they did not engage in protest or vandalism by providing a certificate.

The police will verify everyone. If the police have registered a case against the candidate, he will not be authorised to enrol. In order to enrol, he will have to sign a form stating that he did not participate in the vandalism.

The government and the armed forces must take time to elaborate on the process and advantages of the scheme. There is no rush. However, there is no question of a rollback.

Regarding the possibility of rollback of the scheme, he said, ‘No. Why should it be? It is the only progressive step to make the average age younger. Why is the average age being reduced? Do you understand why so many casualties occur in mountainous regions?’

He also denied that the changes to the programme were introduced only after violent protests, asserting that they had been planned beforehand.

Violent protests against the Agnipath Scheme have been taking place in various states across India, including Telangana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, and others.

Since the Government of India initiated the Agnipath scheme to recruit personnel in the Indian Armed Forces, several railway stations and trains have been damaged.

Vandalism to both person and private property has taken place during violent protests in several states, including Telangana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, and others.


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