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Jamshedpur welcomes Hindu Nav Varsh with enthusiasm

Processions reach Aambagan Maidan with Jai Shri Ram chants as thousands participate in the deluge of saffron under the watch of drone cameras.

Jamshedpur: Hindu new year was welcomed in the steel city with traditional fervour and gaiety as a number of Hindu cultural and social organisations took out Nav Varsh yatras in different parts of the city. A large number of youths and devotees were seen participating in the Nav Varsh Yatra processions passing through different areas of the city.

The start of the new year was welcomed by Hindus enthusiastically and processions were taken out from different areas of the city, mainly from Golmuri and Mango. The processions concluded at Aambagan Grounds in Sakchi.

On Friday, the whole city seemed to have turned saffron for a few hours as a large number of youths sporting saffron outfits were seen participating in the yatras.

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Vishwa Hindu Parishad-led procession started from Golmuri Cable Maidan while the Hindu Utsav Samiti-led procession started out from Mango Dimna Chowk.

Participants were seen chanting the names of Shri Ram. The procesions reached Aambagan ground in Sakchi, where the yatra ended by reciting Bharat Mata’s aarti and Hanuman Chalisa.

The district administration had made elaborate arrangements to ensure that there was no disturbance during the nav varsh yatras. Sufficient additional police forces were deployed at all the main thoroughfares and squares.

The onset of Hindu New Year had caused quite an enthusiasm. A procession was also taken out by the Hindu Utsav Samiti in Golmuri.

In Golmuri, the procesion started with Shankhdhwani and Vedic mantras.

During this, a tableau with Bhagwan Ram’s court was also seen.

Apart from this, a tableau was also taken out with elephants, horses and camels.

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People appeared in traditional dress.

Girls wearing saffron clothes also participated in the yatra.

The district administration had made adequate security arrangements.

The Executive Officer of Mango Municipal Corporation Deepak Sahay was appointed the zonal magistrate and was made responsible for ensuring order during the Nav Varsh Yatra.

The administration had also deployed drone cameras and police photographers to ensure that no untoward incident went unnoticed and that all the instructions issued for the occasion were followed in letter and spirit.

The state government has issued elaborate guidelines for Hindu Nav Varsh, Ramnavami and Sarhul celebrations.

Security arrangements were also made at sensitive spots in the city. The SSP Dr. M Tamil Vanan, City SP Subhash Chandra Jat and ADM (Law & Order) N K Lal as well as the SDO Sandeep Kumar Meena kept a tab on the situation during the entire yatra.

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Hindu Nav Varsh Yatra held in Jamshedpur amid tight security arrangements.


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