Wednesday, October 5, 2022

India’s stand on Ukraine is mature

India has to be careful about its stand. India’s current policy of not offending any camp is the most appropriate one and in its larger interest.


India is expected to be under increased pressure to take a clear stand on the issue of Ukraine, although so far India has tried to show impartiality.

The fear of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine still prevails. US President Joe Biden is still insisting that Russia is going to attack Ukraine this week or within the next few days.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also does not appear to be in a hurry to end the confusion in the NATO camp. It is now increasingly clear that Putin wants to make the most of this crisis.

By withdrawing some soldiers and then sending event more soldiers to the front, Russia seems keen on spreading confusion in the NATO camp.

Russia is only benefiting from this state of uncertainly in opponent’s camp. While there are doubts and differences in the NATO camp, the Russian president has been able to polish his image both within and outside his country.

Vladimir Putin is expected to personally supervise major military exercises on Ukraine’s borders on Saturday amid major concerns of impending war.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is reportedly considering traveling to Germany for talks with Western leaders – although Joe Biden has cautioned that it would not be wise for Zelensky to leave his country.

Biden warned in a speech late Friday that he was “convinced” that Putin had decided to invade Ukraine and target its capital, Kiev. According to him, it would be a “devastating and unnecessary war”.

Biden said ‘diplomacy is always a possibility’ until the attack begins. According to him, the attack can happen in the next days or weeks.

According to Biden, the US and its European allies are ready to impose “severe” economic sanctions on Russia in response to the attack, but will not send troops to fight in Ukraine.

America believes that Putin is looking for false flags to launch an attack. A gas pipeline in Luhansk caught fire after explosions, and a second explosion occurred in the city about 40 minutes later. Earlier on Friday, a car bomb exploded in an empty lot in Donetsk.

Biden believes that such incidents can be cited as the reasons for the attack.

In this ongoing tussle between NATO countries and Russia, India is finding it hard to take sides openly.

It does not want to alienate any camp, although it has made it clear that using force for redrawing borders cannot be allowed.

India cannot alienate Russia. And it needs to remain on NATO’s sides too for its long term security interests. This lack of clarity in its stand is not a sign of indecision, but smart diplomacy.

India does not want to strain its relations with Russia, especially at a time when Imran Khan is desperate to hold the coat-tails of Russia and is expected to visit Russia soon.

India has to be careful about its stand that it takes.

India’s current policy of not offending any camp is the most appropriate one and is in its greater interest.

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