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Gold worth Rs. 10 lakh looted in Sakchi in week’s second heist

Miscreants escape after snatching jewelry bag from jeweller’s employees

Jamshedpur: In another shocking heist within a week in the city, unknown criminals snatched a jewelry bag full of gold worth Rs. 10 lakh from the employees of a jeweller and escaped easily.

This is second such incident of loot in the city. Earlier, unknown criminals had looted around Rs. 32 lakh from the employees of another prominent jeweller of the city.

It seems that the jewellers of the city are being targeted in a planned manner as they make huge transactions and there is not much in the name of security during cash and jewellery transit.

Jewellers and their employees are now living under apprehension as the police have failed in nabbing the culprits.

The latest heist took place near Basant Talkies in Sakchi market around 4 pm on Friday.

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The criminals looted jewellery worth about ten lakh rupees from the employees of a jeweller Rajan Sarraf, while posing as policemen.

Earlier on Monday, Rs 32 lakh was looted from the employees of a prominent jeweller in Bistupur.

Rajan Sarraf’s jewellery Hallmark shop is near Basant Talkies of Sakchi market, from where the jewellers get their jewellery hallmarked.

Sources said that around four o’clock in the evening on Friday, two employees of Rajan Sarraf were going to the hallmarking shop with gold ornaments from Deep Jewell of Sakchi market.

Two criminals stopped them near Basant Talkies and asked them to walk along the road.

Describing themselves as policemen, they said that nowadays checking is going on in the city, so their bag too needs to be checked.

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They said that they wanted to see what was ’inside the bag.

They said that they want to ensure that there was no contraband in the bag.

Sources said that both the criminals also flashed fake police ID cards to them.

After this, as soon as the employees of the jeweller opened the bag to show them the contents of the bag, the criminals snatched the bag and fled from there in the blink of an eye.

The employees, later, said that they criminals were tall in physique.

Soon after this the employees ran to their shop and told their owner about the incident.

Later, Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce President Vijay Anand Moonka, former President Suresh Sonthalia and others arrived there and inquired about the matter.

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No arrests have been made yet and the police are still investigating their matter.

Gold worth Rs. 10 lakh looted from Sakchi in week’s second such heist in Jamshedpur.


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