Thursday, January 20, 2022

Admn toughens stance against corona rule violators in Jamshedpur

Negligence in following corona rules will draw strict action: DC

Jamshedpur – The Deputy Commissioner of Jamshedpur, Suraj Kumar, has issued instructions to take strict action against those who violate Corona rules and safety protocols anywhere in the district.

Covid-19 has been spreading fast throughout the district and the state and the administration has been taking all necessary steps to ensure that the spread of the disease remains within check.

A series of steps have been taken by the district administration including that of expediting the pace of vaccination and testing.

However, despite all the efforts, the administration is not getting the required support from the general public in following covid norms strictly. People are still seen violating the corona rules prescribed by the state government through its repeated instructions.

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On Wednesday, the Deputy Commissioner and SSP of Jamshedpur went out to inspect the checkpoints of the city.

During their inspections they directed the officials to ensure strict checking everywhere.

Admn to take strict action against those who violate corona rules in Jamshedpur.

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