Monday, December 5, 2022

Welcome curbs

Even if milder than the previous delta variant, it still has the potential of overwhelming our health systems and causing unnecessary casualties.

Experts point out that the omicron variant is less virulent than the previous variants of Covid-19. They also indicate that this variant does not infect the lungs as easily as the previous variants.

Most experts hope that despite high number of cases in the most countries around the world, the two factors – quick transmissibility and less severe infection – may prove a boon for the humanity in the fight against this virus.

One recent study has shown that vaccinated patients show strong immune response to this variant than other variants.

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Despite the fact that the omicron variant is not so virulent, the high transmissibility of this variant means the cases may start climbing up very soon. And so will the number of hospitalisations and deaths.

To keep the entire health system pruned and synched up, it is necessary to keep the number of infections under control.

Keeping this in view, the decision of the state government to impose curbs on daily business and life is well-timed and wise.

However, how successful these measures prove would ultimately depend on how the citizenry behaves and responds to the state government’s call to keep new infections under check.

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Covid-appropriate behaviour and masking, apart from vaccinations, still remain our best defence.

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