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Union Minister Dr Mahendra Pandey arrives in city, addresses BJP conference

The Union Minister for Heavy Industries, Dr. Mahendra Nath Pande said on Thursday that the government is implementing incentive scheme to promote automobile sector.

Jamshedpur: The Union Minister for Heavy Industries, Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey addressed a conference in the city on Thursday.

A conference of intellectuals was organised under the chairmanship of Mahanagar BJP president Gunjan Yadav. Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Baran Mahato, BJP State Secretary Subodh Singh Guddu, the former MLA Maneka Sardar, Rita Mishra and BJYM state president Kislay Tiwari attended the conference organized in the auditorium of Dr. Shrikrishna Sinha Institute, Bistupur.

The programme started with the lighting of the lamp and rendition of the national anthem. Floral tributes were paid to Bharat Mata, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee and Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay too.

Addressing the conference, Union Heavy Industries Minister Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey said that the BJP is celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi with gaiety with the aim of taking the life story of the immortal revolutionary to the masses.

He said that the nature of the industrial city of Jamshedpur is inspiring and exemplary for the whole world.

In the country, where other parties do politics of casteism and dynasty, the BJP does politics of overall development.

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The government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fulfilling the dream our forefathers had dreamed of years ago.

He described the opposition parties including the Congress as parties focused on the politics of compromise and alliance.

At the same time, the Modi government at the Center was described as the government that lived up to the people’s aspirations and expectations.

Dr. Mahendra Pandey also attacked the state government. He said that in the Corona period, respecting the federal structure of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked to the Chief Ministers of all the states and whatever campaign he conducted, there was the consent of all the Chief Ministers.

The Prime Minister of the country worked for the countrymen by creating a consensus, he said.

But frivolous comments were made by the Chief Minister of Jharkhand State, which shows the level of politics. Such remarks do not suit a person holding a post like Chief Minister.

Dr. Mahendra Pandey appreciated the service work of the workers of the Mahanagar BJP under the Seva Hi Sangathan campaign during the Corona period.

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He said that apart from the efforts of the government all over the country, BJP workers helped the people with great enthusiasm.

Dr. Mahendra Pandey expressed concern over the increasing crime and corruption in Jharkhand.

He said that the Mahagathbandhan government of the state is trying to pour water on the good governance, development and leadership that was established in the earlier BJP government.

During this, former President of Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce Ashok Bhalotia demanded to set up heavy industries in Jamshedpur and industrial area Adityapur.

He said that the problem of unemployment increases due to slowdown in the automobile sector.

On this, the Union Minister said that work will be done to take forward the proposal of the entrepreneurs of the city towards making an auto hub in Jamshedpur.

The Government of India is implementing various schemes and incentive schemes to promote industries under PLI, he said.

Under the PLI scheme, the Government of India has made a provision of 1.5 lakh crores to promote domestic manufacturing and to cut the import bill, in which 57 thousand crores is to be spent to encourage the establishment of automobile and auto components sector.

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He said that there is continuous development in the auto sector, so that if the entrepreneurs here come forward in the field of battery manufacturing, then the government will help them in all possible ways.

Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Baran Mahto, while demanding to make Jamshedpur an auto hub, said that there is a positive environment in the city for this.

Tractor factory including rail coach and defence manufacturing units can be opened in the area.

He said that the development of the industry would pave the way for the country to become a world guru.

He said that Jamshedpur is mini India where people from all regions of the country reside. Jamshedpur can become an auto hub for the northeastern state, which will provide employment opportunities to a large number of youth.

Vinay Jaiswal, Ashok Bhalotia, Inder Agarwal, Santosh Khaitan, Rajesh Kumar Shukla, Vijay Munka, Murlidhar Kedia, Chandrakant Zatakia, Gyan Jaiswal, Dr. Saurav Chaudhary, Ekta Jaiswal, Harivallabh Singh RC, Ashok Modi, Nirmal Kabra, Jagdish Khandelwal, Anil Ringsia, Pawan Agrahari, Karan Ojha, Arun Bankrewal, Vijay Singh Rana, Arun Thakur and others were present in the conference.


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