Saturday, October 23, 2021

Rs. 1.5 lakh looted from Potato Wholesale Shop at Mango Dimna Road

In a sensational incident, four masked criminals looted Rs. 1.5 lakh from the cash counter of a potato wholesale shop of Md. Gufran at Munshi Mohalla, Mango in Dimna Road area on Friday and managed to escape.

Jamshedpur: Four masked criminals entered the wholesale potato shop of Mohammad Gufran Mango Dimna Road Munshi Mohalla at around 10 in the morning and looted around Rs. 1.5 lakh in cash by threatening the shopowner with weapons. They also managed to escape easily. The loot occurred in broad daylight.

Soon after the incident, Mohammad Gufran informed BJP leader Vikas Singh about the incident over the phone.

The BJP leader informed the SSP about the loot and the police soon arrived to launch investigations.

Later, Mohammad Gufran said that on Friday a person came to his shop at 10 in the morning.

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He asked about the price of a sack of potatoes and then talked about going to Gandhi Maidan with potatoes.

Md Gufran said that while the man was pretending to purchase potatoes, three of his accomplices also arrived there and waving pistols attacked him.

He said that as soon as he started shouting for him, they threatened him that they would, shoot him.

Gufran said that each of the accomplices were holding pistol and seeing three pistols with the looters, he was completely flabbergasted with fear.

He said that the looters crossed the Gurdwara Road via Munshi Mohalla and fled towards the river near Akali Ghat with about one and a half lakh rupees kept in the cash box.

The locals say that while the criminals were escaping, their bag of cash fell down once near Bhatia Jalebi shop. However, they picked it up and then waving their pistols and ran towards the river.

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BJP leader Vikas Singh said that earlier crimes usually occurred at night. But these days criminals have been emboldened and they carry out snatching and loot even in broad daylight.

He said that loot in Dimna Road area on the roadside in a crowded place in broad daylight shows how the criminals have been emboldened.

Soon after the incident, the DSP Virendra Ram and station in-charge Vinay Kumar reached the site with their team.

The police say that loot incident has been captured in the CCTV camera installed in the potato wholesale shop of Md. Gufran and this may help in the investigations.

Investigations are on.

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