Monday, January 17, 2022

Workers hold rally, demand min wages in construction of Eklavya Model School, Manjhari

Hundreds of workers led by General Kamgar Union took out a rally to protest denial of minimum wages to workers engaged in construction of Eklavya Model School at Bharbharia in Manjahri block of West Singhbhum.

Chaibasa: Led by Madhav Chandra Kunkal, District Secretary of Jharkhand General Kamgar Union, hundreds of labourers reached the Manjhari block office in the form of a rally from Bharbharia Chowk to protest the alleged denial of minimum wages to the workers engaged in construction work of Eklavya Model School at Bharbharia.

The workers alleged that the minimum wages fixed by the government are not being paid to the local workers by the contractor engaged in the work.

The union alleged that the workers are being given 240 rupees as wages, whereas at present the minimum wage rate is Rs 311.36.

The District Secretary of the union Madhav Chandra Kunkal said that it is unfortunate that despite the open exploitation of labourers and flouting of rules in the construction of Eklavya Model School being constructed by the Central Government at a cost of 18 crores in Bharbharia, no cognisance is being taken by the officials of the concerned department.

He said that the construction work will not be allowed to continue until the workers are paid increased wages as per specified government rates.

He said that the masons from outside would also be not allowed to work and would be sent back.

He said that only the local unemployed should be allowed to work in the construction work.

He said that an application has been sent to Union Minister Arjun Munda through Block Development Officer of Manjhari.

He said that a copy of the application is also being sent to the Chief Secretary, Jharkhand Government, Labour Commissioner and other senior officials.

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