Saturday, October 23, 2021

DC flags off Nutrition Chariot to spread awareness

The DC of East Singhbhum Suraj Kumar flagged off nutrition chariot on Tuesday and kickstarted nutrition month in the district to spread awareness on malnutrition and balanced diet.

Jamshedpur: The DC of East Singhbhum on Tuesday flagged off a Nutrition Chariot and kicked-off Nutrition Month 2021 in the district.

Nutrition Month is being celebrated in East Singhbhum district.

This nutrition chariot would help spread awareness and would dissemination information in remote rural areas of the district about the need to have a balanced diet.

The purpose of the chariot and the nutrition month is to ensure that the issue of malnutrition is resolved.

Information would be disseminated to the villagersin the rural areas of ​​East Singhbhum district to avoid malnutrition.

The DCSuraj Kumar said that Nutrition Month 2021 is being celebrated all over India.

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He said that to guide people on nutrition, facts and information will be disseminated and people would be urged to consume greens, vegetables, milk, eggs, meat properly to have a balanced diet so that malnutrition can be avoided.

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