Monday, March 27, 2023

Banna Gupta himself opens Jubilee Park Gate, declares road open to vehicles

In an interesting development, the Health Minister Banna Gupta himself opened the gates of Jubilee Park and announced that the park and the road passing through it be used in the same manner as they were being used before the pandemic.

Jamshedpur: In an interesting turn of events, the Health Minister of Jharkhand Banna Gupta today reached the Jubilee Park gate and himself opened the gates. He also declared that the vehicular traffic be allowed on the road passing through the park as it was done before the onset of Covid-19 pandemic.

The closure of Jubilee Park gates had ballooned into a major controversy as several political parties had lent their voice to the demand that the park gate be opened and vehicles be allowed on the road.

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The issue was first raised by Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy and later several other organisations had supported the demand for opening the Jubilee Park gate and allowing use of the road passing through the park.

Frequent road accidents had drawn attention of the political leaders to the issue too. Sunday morning, a road accident had occurred near Keenan Stadium and this too had caused some concern.

The State Health Minister Banna Gupta, keeping the popular demand in mind, himself reached Jubilee Park in the evening and forcibly opened the gate of the park.

Speaking to the media persons he also said that the park should open as before and even the road should be used as it was being done before the pandemic.

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He also said that he would ask the Deputy Commissioner to ensure that the park and the road are not closed under any circumstances.

Earlier too, Banna Gupta had got the Jubilee Park opened for morning and evening walkers.

Speaking to media persons, he said that the park gates were closed due to pandemic. However, he said that he is not aware about the intended plans, but feels that the park and the road should be opened for public as it was before the pandemic.


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