Saturday, October 23, 2021

Youth injured in road accident near Keenan Stadium, critical

An unidentified youth was seriously injured in a road accident near Keenan Stadium on Sunday. He was Scooty-borne and was hit by an unidentified vehicle. He is in a critical condition.

Jamshedpur: The condition of a Scooty rider was critical after an unknown vehicle hit his vehicle and injured him seriously.

The accident occurred near Keenan Stadium under the jurisdiction of Bistupur police station of Jamshedpur.

A PCR mobile team reached on receiving the information and with the help of local people sent the injured to Tata Main Hospital.

Giving details about the incident, ASI Anirudh Pratap Singh said that a person was injured in a road accident.

On reaching the site, the police team found that the Scooty rider was badly injured after being hit by an unknown vehicle.

The young man’s forehead was badly impacted. The youth is In an unconscious condition, the young man was immediately sent to TMH.

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The police are trying to find about the identity of the injured youth so that his family could be informed.

Youth critically injured in road accident near Keenan Stadium in Jamshedpur.

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