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10-year-old girl drowns in Kharkai River

In a tragic incident, a 10-year-old girl drowned in Kharkai river at Kadma. Two girls had fallen into the waters. However, a bystander saved one of the girls. Another girl was carried away by the strong current.

Jamshedpur: In yet another tragic incident, a 10-year-old girl Priyanka, drowned and was carried away by strong water current of Kharkai River in Kadma area.

According to eyewitnesses, two girls started drowning while bathing in Jamshedpur Kharkai river.

A youth, Om, managed to rescue one of the girls. However, the other girl was carried away in strong current.

Both the girls were bathing in the river waters Sunday when suddenly then fell into the deep waters. However, a young man, identified as Om, was taking a bath nearby and he jumped into the waters and saved a girl. The other girl got carried away in the strong current of the river.

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Locals informed the Kadma police about the incident.

The police reached the site and started efforts to trace the girl with the help of locals.

According to eyewitness, Om, 10-year-old Barkha Mukhi and her friend Priyanka were taking a bath in the Kharkai river.

Priyanka’s elder sister Nandini was also present.

Om said that he saw them drowning in the water and jumped into the river.

He managed to save Barkha but Priyanka got carried away by the current.

The families of Priyanka and Barkha live in Ram Janam Nagar. Priyanka’s family is in a state of shock after hearing the news.

Priyanka is a student of KPS.

Efforts are on to trace her.

Some days back, a woman had also jumped into the river with her two children. The body of the woman was recovered but the bodies of children could not be traced.

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A minor girl drowned in Kharkai river in Kadma on Sunday. A local youth Om saved another girl from drowning at the same place.

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