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Jamshedpur Bar Association calls for tighter security on court premises

Jamshedpur Bar Association has called for tighter security arrangements on court premises in view of shootout inside Rohini Court in Delhi.

Jamshedpur: In view of the shocking shootout inside Rohini Court in Delhi on Friday that left 3 persons, all gangsters, dead, Jamshedpur Bar Association has called for a tighter security arrangement on the court premises.

Jamshedpur Bar Association convened a meeting in the library of the court premises to discuss the incident at Rohini Court in Delhi and the learnings from the incident that can be used for improving the security arrangements in Jamshedpur.

In the meeting held on Saturday, the Committee of Advocates including the President of Jamshedpur Bar Association as well as the vice President were present.

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In the meeting, discussions were held and a decision was taken to take effective steps to increase the security of the court premises.

It was agreed to issue identity cards to all the advocates so that the advocates practising in the court on a daily basis can be identified.

The president of Bar Association Lala Ajit Kumar Ambastha said that the incident of Rohini Court in Delhi is very sad and shocking.

He said that even the court premises are not secure now.

He said that a meeting was called and the security aspects were discussed in detail.

He said that rules are being made from the security point of view so that the advocates and other visiting people can be identified easily.

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He also said that a written application will be submitted to ensure that security of the court premises is augmented.

Jamshedpur Bar Association President calls for tighter security arrangements on court premises.


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