Saturday, October 23, 2021

Central Durga Puja Committee seeks relief in puja guidelines

Central Durga Puja Committee has sought relaxation in puja guidelines and has urged the administration to resolve other infrastructure-related issues too.

Jamshedpur: A delegation led by Dulal Bhuiyan, President of East Singhbhum Central Durga Puja Committee Friday met the Deputy Commissioner and the SSP of the district and urged them to relax the guidelines issued for the puja committees.

On Friday, the delegation sought some relaxation in the guidelines issued by the district administration for Durga Puja in view of the problems being faced by the puja committees.

Dulal Bhuiyan, president of East Singhbhum Central Durga Puja Committee, said that the people of the district have been battling the corona epidemic for a long time.

He said that the puja committees have extended all possible cooperation to the administration and have been following the instructions issued by the district administration.

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As a result, he said, now the effect of the pandemic has lessened to a great extent. And now people are more aware about the risks of the pandemic, he added.

In view of the positive change in the circumstances, the administration should consider providing more relaxation to puja committees.

He also drew the attention of the district administration to several problems being faced during puja.

He said that the transformers near the puja pandals should be repaired or replaced, fire vehicles should be deployed at different places during the worship, first aid, ambulances, divers, cranes and cleanliness be ensured at the ghats during idol immersion.

He said that proper arrangements should be made at all the places.

He added that the immersion ghats that have become dilapidated due to rain and those should be repaired or constructed as far as possible.

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He also urged the administration to provide vehicles to puja committees for idol immersion.

He was accompanied by other members of the committee including committee chairman Dulal Bhuyan.

Dulal Bhuiyan leads delegation of Central Puja Committee that met the DC and sought more relief in guidelines for puja celebration.

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