Saturday, October 23, 2021

Patients stranded in MGM Hospital’s lift malfunction

7 patients and family members, including heart patients, remained stranded in MGM Hospital lift for about half an hour. They were taken out after commotion.

Jamshedpur: In MGM Hospital, which is also Kolhan’s biggest government hospital, 7 patients remained stranded for about half an hour.

Owing to a sudden lift failure, the patients and their family members who were coming down from the three floors with the patient got stuck in the middle of their descent.

The patients and their relatives, who were trapped in the lift for a long time, were somehow taken out of the lift after a lot of commotion.

MGM Hospital is being given a facelift at the initiative of Health Minister Banna Gupta. On the other hand, due to negligent attitude of hospital staff, MGM Hospital remains in the headlines every day for one or the other issue.

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A major incident was avoided on Wednesday due to lift malfunction.

When the patients and relatives were trapped in the lift, a heart patient was among them.

In all, 7 women and men were present in the lift.

The lift was descending when it suddenly came to a stop before reaching the ground floor.

Even after a lot of efforts, when the lift did not come down completely, the relatives of the patient trapped inside started calling for help.

The hospital staff and nurses were not there to help them in any way.

In such a situation, the people trapped inside the lift and other people standing outside started creating a ruckus.

After a long time, the lift technician got information and he came and took out the patient and family members who were trapped for half an hour.

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However, somehow everyone was taken out safely.

During this, all expressed displeasure over the arrangement of the hospital.

Patients’ family members questioned the facilities of the hospital and said that when efforts are on to rejuvenate and improve the entire hospital, then it is a surprise that there is no proper arrangement to ensure that the lift does not malfunction.

The lift technician said that only the patients need to use the lift. However, even family members have started using the lift. He said that due to incorrect method of operating the lift, problems are being caused. He said that the lift is being inspected currently.

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