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MP Bidyut Baran Mahato meets Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh

Jamshedpur MP met the Chief Secretary of Jharkhand Sukhdev Singh and discussed several public interest issues relating to his constituency.

Jamshedpur: Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Baran Mahato met Jharkhand Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh in Ranchi on Tuesday and discussed several public interest and development related issues of East Singhbhum district Lok Sabha constituency.

During the meeting on Tuesday, important issues of public interest of the Lok Sabha constituency were discussed in detail.

In the course of the conversation, The MP elaborated on the issue of Dhalbhumgarh Airport.

He said that despite the allocation of about 100 crores by the Central Government, work on the airport issue is incomplete.

On this, the Chief Secretary had a very positive conversation and said that he will consider all the matters in this regard as soon as possible and try to solve it.

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He said that steps would be taken to resolve the issues hindering the establishment of an airport in Dhalbhumgarh.

The MP also informed him about the pending construction work of approach road on Jugsalai Railway Over Bridge.

The Secretary said that the work would be started as soon as possible after giving approval to the revised estimate within one or two days.

The MP talked about getting the roads constructed by the Road Construction Department at the places where the roads are in bad condition.

He gave him a list of roads where repair work is needed urgently. The list includes Purulia Chandil road NH-32 under East Singhbhum district, road stretch from Raghunathpur to Bodam Patamda Beltand Chowk Asanbani Katin main road of Nimdih block, from Bhuniasinan to Shusni via Bhula to the border of West Bengal, Khasmahal. Road construction from Chowk to Parsudih, Bamangoda, Govindpur via Govindpur Railway Gate, Tatanagar Railway Station Kitadih to Teen Murti Chowk, Gadiwan Patti, Char Khamba and Ghagidih Central Jail, Ring Road construction to Lalbuilding Chowk via Harharguttu, Tatanagar Baroda Ghat Main Road.

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He also said that road construction till Jhantijharna via NH-33 Fuldungari Ghatshila to Burudih Dam is needed.

Apart from this, the MP also proposed construction of underpass near Putuldi at gate number 123 between Ghatshila and Galudih railway stations.

The Chief Secretary assured him that the proposal relating to these shall be sent to the Railways.

The MP also met the Secretary of the Road Construction Department Sunil Kumar and discussed all these issues in detail.


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