Saturday, October 23, 2021

Girl found chained in Bistupur for 1 month, freed

In a shocking incident, a girl was found chained for 1 month in Bistupur allegedly due to ‘superstition’. Her father claimed that he himself tied her with a chain to restrain her. She has been freed now and the incident is being investigated.

Jamshedpur: In a shocking incident, a 25-year-old girl was found with her leg tied in chain and was freed from Bistupur Karbala on the banks of Kharkai river.

On Sunday, some locals received information about this and they informed the police and got the girl freed. She was taken to the police station.

The president of Hindu Peeth Ajay Gupta said that the girl was allegedly being treated in the name of superstition and Jhaad-Phoonk.

Girl’s father, who is a resident of Parsudih, too arrived there. He claimed that he had himself taken his daughter there for ’treating’ her.

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The girl too said that she was left there by her father. She said that a person there had tied her with a chain and she being given something to drink that made her lose senses. She also complained of physical abuse.

She said that her father used to bring over food from home. She said she was forcibly brought and kept there.

Her father claimed that he has three daughters. This daughter had become mentally ill due to ’shadow of shaitan’. That is why he left her there so that she could be treated there.

The girl was taken to the police station.

The accused and girl’s father were taken to the police station too. The accused claimed that there was ‘shaitan’s shadow’ on the girl and that she was kept chained to ensure that she does not flee.

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According to police, the girl’s father has said that he had himself kept his daughter in chains there. The father also claimed that the mental condition of his daughter is not stable.

The CCR DSP Animesh Gupta confirmed that a girl was found in Bistupur. Her leg was tied with a chain. He said that the girl’s father had taken his daughter there for treatment. After receiving information, the police brought her to the police station.

The matter is being investigated. Medical examination of the girl will be conducted and appropriate action shall be taken in the matter.

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