Saturday, October 23, 2021

Hotwar Jail prisoner escapes from RIMS Ranchi

Ranchi: An inmate of Ranchi Hotwar Jail escaped from Medicine Ward of Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) Sunday morning. The prisoner was admitted in the medicine ward and was undergoing treatment.

The escape of a prisoner from RIMS ward has exposed the chinks in the security armour of Jharkhand Police.

According to information received, the inmate of Hotwar Jail escaped from the state’s largest government hospital RIMS in the early hours of Sunday. The name of the prisoner has been given as K M Jha alias Abhay.

According to the information, he was brought from Hotwar Jail Ranchi to RIMS after his health deteriorated. He was undergoing treatment in the prisoner ward of RIMS.

Reports say that due to sudden deterioration in the health of the prisoner, he was admitted to the Medicine Department of RIMS.

Ranchi Police Department was alerted as soon as the incident was reported. A team of police is investigating after reaching the site of occurrence and has started searching for the prisoner.

Reports say that the constable responsible for the security of the prisoner had gone to the emergency ward in RIMS for some work.

In the meantime, seeing that the constable was not present there, the prisoner reportedly escaped undetected.

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