Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Arsonist firefighter

Breeding terror has become the raison d’etre of Pakistan establishment. Terror is now its main merchandise and the only profitable venture. The world, in a bid to keep its nuclear weapons safe from terrorists, is only incentivising it to breed more terrorists and cause more instability in its neighbourhood.


Pakistan establishment has a clear edge when it comes to indulging in cunning double-cross and international treachery. It has survived most of its history through double crossing and treachery. Pakistan’s best assets have been its terror factories, which are controlled and guided by its military establishment, and its best intellectual property has been its madrasas and religious discourses that continue to churn out terrorists after terrorists.

Delhi Police Special Cell have busted a Pakistan organised terror module and have arrested six persons including two Pakistan trained terrorists. Explosives and firearms were recovered in a multi-state operation. They had clear designs to carry out terror attacks across India during the oncoming festive seasons.

It is now increasingly clear that Pakistan has not only adopted terror as its cardinal founding principle, but has also developed the art of using it to push its economic, foreign and domestic policies.

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US establishment seems to be convinced by the Pakistan arguments that they are sufferers of terrorism and not the reason for it.

And herein lies the main reason for the failure of the world in containing terrorism in different parts of the world.

The world fails to identify the breeding ground of terror and even if it comes closer to identifying it as Pakistan, it starts rationalising much of its actions by offering lame excuses.

In a recent interview to BBC’s Yalda Hakim, John Bolton, the Former Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs accepted that there was a need to rethink policy on Pakistan. He said that it is recognised that Pakistan is the only government that plays the role of an arsonist as well as a firefighter simultaneously. He said: “I have tried to cut Pakistan slack because of the importance of not allowing those nuclear weapons to get in the hands of terrorists…but we’ve got to make very clear to Pakistan our patience is at an end”.

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The shocking fact is that the world has been giving Pakistan a long rope for a long time. It is so just because some of the strategists think that there is a need to keep the nuclear weapons of Pakistan safe and out of the hands of terrorists. So, the world turns a blind eye to Pakistan’s shenanigans lest its nuclear weapons fall into the hands of terrorists.

Those who think on these lines also forget that most of the terrorists emanate from and operate within Pakistan because the military establishment breeds them and controls them. And that there is no need to fear those terrorists if you have no reason to fear the terror-breeder military establishment of Pakistan.

It is not that US think tanks and policymakers can’t see the game and brinkmanship that Pakistan indulges in. However, US think tanks are not too worried about how Pakistan’s terror-based policy impacts its immediate neighbourhood. They feel that Pakistan can still be used, controlled and manoeuvred to do West’s bidding.

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Terror, instability and violence are what keeps the cash box clinking for Pakistan. Entire Pakistan economy is heavily dependent on the success of its rent seeking from the west for its dubious role in terror modulation.

Pakistan has been pretty successful this far in its duplicitous game. However, the world has now started seeing through this game.

It won’t be too long before the world, and the Afghans themselves, realise that the centre-point of all troubles in the area is in Pakistan.

Already there are hints that the wheel is turning and that the world may be more keen than ever to punish Pakistan for its treacherous role of supporting and exporting terror in its neighbouring countries and trying to destabilise them.

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