Saturday, October 23, 2021

Delhi Police arrest Ramlakhan Ohdar from Ranchi Chutia focusing human trafficking

A special team of Delhi Police on Thursday arrested one Ramlakhan Ohdar alias Ramlakhan Sahu with a focus on human trafficking angle. He is being interrogated now.

Ranchi: Delhi police today arrested Ramlakhan Ohdar alias Ramlakhan Sahu from Ranchi Chutia police station area with a focus on possible angle of human trafficking.

According to the information, on Wednesday late evening, a special team of Delhi Police along with Ranchi Police arrested him from his residence in Chutia. This team consisted of an Inspector, a Sub Inspector and SSP.

The arrest has been made with a focus on possible human trafficking angle.

Arrested accused Ramlakhan Sahu alias Ramlakhan Ohdar is a resident of Kamdara in Gumla district.

He was arrested from Dhumsa Toli Chutia.

The accused reportedly has a posh house in Chutia and also runs a girls’ hostel there.

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The police reached the site and first laid siege to his house and then arrested him.

The police are looking into several angles including wrongdoings like human trafficking and prostitution and accumulation of unaccounted wealth from illegal activities.

The police are yet to divulge details of the case and the charges under which he has been arrested.

For now, the police are reportedly interrogating him.

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