Monday, September 20, 2021

Jamshedpur Police arrest 2 on suspicion, seize katta, bike

Jamshedpur police have nabbed two youths on the basis of suspicion and recovered a bike, a mobile and a country-made katta from their possession.

Jamshedpur: Sidgora police arrested two accused roaming around with weapons during anti-crime checking.

During investigation, a country-made pistol, a Bullet bike and a mobile were recovered from them.

The arrested accused include R Singh, a resident of Golmuri Debun Bagan and S Tantubai, a resident of Sidgora Bagan area.

During the anti-crime checking on the night of 14th, the police stopped both of them on suspicion near Sidgora Amal Sangh Park.

On search, a pistol kept in the waist of Rohit Singh was recovered.

After that the police took both of them into custody.

After the accused were brought to the police station, both of them claimed that they were keeping country-made pistol with them for their safety.

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The raid was carried out by the police station in-charge Ranjit Kumar, SI Rajesh Kumar Yadav and PCR 13 personnel were involved.

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