Friday, September 17, 2021

Govt should not snatch rights of students on language basis: Tripathi

D D Tripathy criticised the Hemant Soren government for describing Bhojpuri, Magahi, Angika and Maithili languages as belonging to Bihar. He urged him not to divide people on the basis of religions and languages.

Jamshedpur: The National Secretary of Rashtriya Sawarn Mahasangh Foundation D D Tripathy has strongly objected to Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s statement in which he allegedly described Magahi and Bhojpuri as ‘dominating languages.

Tripathy said that the interview given by the Chief Minister Hemant Soren on social media on the issue of inclusion of regional languages in the second paper of JPSC as irresponsible.

He said that his statement itself is unconstitutional and cannot be termed as legal and valid from any perspective. It is also against the dignity of the office he holds, he said.

The Chief Minister, reportedly, had said that Magahi, Angika and Maithili are languages of Bihar and not of Jharkhand. He also described these languages as ‘dominating’.

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Tripathy said that if Bhojpuri, Mahagi, Angika and Maithili are languages of Bihar, then what about languages like Bangla and Odiya. How can languages be confined to a particular state?

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Tripathi said that the Chief Minister should not deprive students of their legitimate rights on such flimsy grounds.

He said that the state of Jharkhand has not been created on the basis of language. Jharkhand has been created with the aim of removing the extreme backwardness of the South Bihar region. If people of different castes and different religions live in Jharkhand, then their languages ​​cannot be the same.

He said that in our state, apart from Santali in Santalpargana, Angika and Maithili are spoken in Deoghar-Godda. If Mundari and Ho are spoken in Chaibasa of Kolhan, Magahi and Bhojpuri are spoken in Jamshedpur.

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On the other hand, Khortha is spoken in rural areas of Bokaro, Dhanbad, Giridih, Bhojpuri and Magahi are spoken in urban areas, Bhojpuri and Magahi are also spoken in urban areas.

He said that Magahi is fully spoken in Palamu, Latehar, Garhwa and Chatra. All these districts are part of Jharkhand itself. Perhaps it is clear from talking so irresponsibly that the Chief Minister does not even have the knowledge of the geographical location of Jharkhand.

He asked the CM to not spread hatred in the name of language and caste in the society.

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He said that the mindset of this state government has taken the form of open appeasement of a particular religion in the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly.

He said that It is evident from the decision of allotting room for Namaz.

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He said that the government is trying to commit political harakiri by igniting a linguistic dispute.

Tripathi said that no one can snatch the rights of the students of the state on the basis of language. He urged the the CM to reconsider his statements and decisions in the interest of the state.

Tripathi reminded that there was language dispute in 2013-14 also which was later put to rest and it was decided to include Magahi and Bhojpuri languages ​​in the examinations.

He said that he should remember that even at that time he himself was the CM.

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