Friday, September 17, 2021

Babulal Marandi flays Hemant Soren Govt, says it wants to suppress voices

Ex-CM Babulal Marandi criticised Hemant Soren Govt and said that it worries more for earning than doing work.

Jamshedpur: After the defeat in all the 14 seats of Kolhan division in the last Assembly elections, BJP, the country’s largest political party, has now started working sincerely on implementing the strategy to strengthen the party organisation at the grassroot level in Jharkhand keeping in mind the 2024 elections.

The leader of the Opposition, former CM Babulal Marandi, has been known as an efficient organiser. This is the reason why these days Babulal Marandi has started campaigning for BJP again in the elections to be held in 2024 by strengthening the party organisation from city to village to the grassroots level.

He is now making intensive rounds of Kolhan.

Today, during his visit to Jamshedpur, he held a press conference here and interacted with the media on many burning issues.

At the same time, he also talked about regaining the public’s trust by making the common people aware of the anti-people policies of the present state government to bring back the lost prestige of the BJP organizationally.

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He flayed JMM and CM Hemant Soren, the biggest constituents of grand alliance, which is in power.

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He described the JMM party as a party promoting family-ism.

Former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi termed the tenure of Hemant government in Jharkhand as being against the aspirations of the people.

BJP Legislature Party leader and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi, during a press conference in Jamshedpur on Tuesday, while attacking the Hemant government, said that the government is worried about earning more than work.

He said that hundreds of sisters and daughters were raped in the state during the rule of Hemant Sarkar for 20 months.

There is an atmosphere of chaos and anarchy in the entire state. Criminals are committing crimes fearlessly, law and order has completely collapsed in the state, he charged.

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He said that 20 months have passed since the formation of the government, no achievement is visible.

He said that law and order is dismal in the entire state. The crime graph is moving up. Incidents of theft, robbery, dacoity and snatching are taking place every day. Illegal mining and illegal sand-lifting is in full swing in the state, the government itself has started looting sand, he charged.

Babulal Marandi accused Hemant Sarkar of running away from responsibilities in the name of Corona.

He said that on the pretext of Corona, schemes are being run in the entire state at the pace of a tortoise. Many welfare schemes have been closed and put in cold storage. During the Corona period, the government left the people of the state on their condition. He said that the government does not pay any attention to health services.

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He said that the health system in the entire state is in complete disarray.

He said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent many machines to Jharkhand after the first wave of Corona, but all the machines remained unused and are gathering dust. None was used at all.

He said that the government went against the constitution and decided to allot a room for namaz in the assembly, which was protested democratically.

Babulal Marandi said that BJP workers in the entire state are ready to take to the road against every wrong policy and dictatorial attitude of the government.

During the press conference, MP Bidyut Baran Mahato, BJP state spokesperson Kunal Sarangi, Mahanagar BJP President Gunjan Yadav, former district president Abhay Singh, district general secretary Anil Modi and district media in-charge Prem Jha were also present.

Babulal Marandi addresses press conference in Jamshedpur. He criticised Hemant Government and said that it wants to suppress the voice of opposition.

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