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Naman pays homage to Veer Abdul Hamid

City social organisation ‘Naman’ paid homage to Veer Abdul Hamid on his death anniversary on Friday and also felicitated Rakesh Tiwary, the brave havaldar of 50 Rashtriya Rifles for his bravery in Kashmir.

Jamshedpur: Naman felicitated brave havaldar of 50 Rashtriya Rifles Rakesh Tiwari for his bravery in a programme organised on the death anniversary of Veer Abdul Hamid. Homage was paid to Abdul Hamid for his supreme sacrifice for the country.

In the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, many brave soldiers of the country had laid down their lives. In that war, Veer Abdul Hameed blew up the America-made invincible Patton tank.

On his death anniversary on Friday, the Martyrdom Day of Paramveer Chakra winner Abdul Hamid rich tributes were paid to him in a programme organised by he social organisation Naman.

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Speaking on the occasion, Brij Bhushan Singh, the chief patron of the organization and senior journalist, paid flowing tributes to Abdul Hameed and said that the name of Param Vir Chakra winner Veer Abdul Hameed is recorded in golden letters in the history of the Indian Army.

He said that the tales of his bravery are on every Indian child’s tongue. Without thinking about the enemy’s bullets, he sacrificed his life in defense of the motherland, he said.

Veer Abdul Hameed was posthumously awarded Param Vir Chakra, the Army’s highest honor.

On the occasion, senior journalist Jaiprakash Rai said that today the whole country is remembering Veer Abdul Hamid.

He said that Abdul Hamid will always be in our hearts.

Paying his tributes to him, Rajiv Kumar said that Abdul Hamid should be an inspiration for the youth of the country.

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In his address on this occasion, Rajesh Pandey said that such an event awakens the feeling of patriotism in the young generation of the country.

In this program, Havildar Rakesh Tiwari of Indian Army’s 50th Rashtriya Rifle was felicitated. He had risked his life and showed indomitable courage and valour and killed two Pakistani terrorists in an encounter in Pulwama.

For this glorious feat of his, Rakesh Tiwari was honored by Naman. He was honoured with a shawl and memento.

Referring to the above incident in his address, he narrated how he and his team carried out that said operation.

The program was conducted by Dhanurdhar Tripathi and the vote of thanks was proposed by Ramkewal Mishra.

Varun Kumar, Santlal Pathak, Akhilesh Pandey, Mahendra Singh, Sandeep Singh Pappu, Ravi Shankar Tiwari, Seema Das, Sharda Sharma, Moni Nag, D Money, Vijayalakshmi, Sushmita, Pappu Rao, Jugun Pandey, Mahesh Mishra, Abhishek Pandey, Vikash Gupta, Kaushik Prasad, Deepak Kumar, Sonu Khan, Ashraf Ansari, Shekhar Mukhi, Pintu Saw, Sanoj Chandra, Manoj Halder, Mannu Dhoke, Vicky Tarve, Suraj Choubey, Paritosh, Manish Prasad, Raj Singh, Suraj Yadav, Amarendra Kumar, Sanjay Singh, Raju Sinha and others were present.

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