Monday, June 27, 2022

9/11 – The World is back to Square One

9/11 is a reminder of the threats that the world stares at. Twenty years after the tragedy, the world is far more vulnerable, insecure and inhuman. That is because it failed to identify its monsters.


Twenty years after the September 11, 2001 attacks into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City and the third plane attack on Pentagon just outside Washington D.C., the World has again gone back to square one. And it does not have a clue why it happened.

Taliban-led government is holding oath taking ceremony on September 11 in open disdain of the pain and agony that entire US and its citizens suffer while remembering the 9/11 tragedy and the loss of more than 3000 lives.

Taliban is rubbing salt on US wounds with defiance. And the entire US state can’t do a thing, and is in fact contemplating how to help Pakistan to help Taliban consolidate its positions in Afghanistan and entrench itself further.

20 years after 9/11, one of the last U.S. Marines killed in Afghanistan were taken home.

20 years after the tragedy, Taliban is celebrating its ascendancy in Afghanistan. And Afghan women are forced to retreat into their burqa as the world watches in horror all the tricks and shenanigans of Pakistan Army and ISI succeeding one after another and the role of global terrorist forces being criminally ignored by the intelligentia, terror apologists and underwriters of terror-centric and freedom-averse ideologies.

That the FBI has released the first of several documents related to investigation of 9/11 terror attacks revealing suspected Saudi government support for the hijackers after an executive order by President Joe Biden only highlights how constrained the world is in dealing with stark truths of global terror network.

The world is more confused today than it was 20 years back. Intelligent analysts are distracting humanity by producing reams after reams blaming everything from ideology to blindsightedness to capitalist avarice for the knot of violence and desperation the world is in, yet not daring to name the big elephant in the room.

And think tanks after think tanks are doing lengthy work wasting millions of dollars of money to find a strategy that would deal with the ghost and make the world better.

However, somehow, they too are reluctant to see the clever fox nibbling at their margins.

The world is precisely at square one because it pretends to unsee two ghosts standing before it – the exclusivist ideologies that are based on hate and the countries that follow those ideologies in letter and spirit.

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