Monday, September 20, 2021

Seraikela Police defuse 25 cane bombs on hilly road

Seraikela Police have found 25 cane bombs and have defused them. The cane bombs were planted by Anal Squad to target security forces. A major mishap was averted.

Seraikela: In a major success against its fight against Naxals & Maoists, Seraikela Kharsawan district police have once again recovered and defused 25 cane bombs and averted a major mishap that could have targeted them.

Acting on a tip-off received by the Seraikela SP, the district police found and defused 25 cane bombs planted on the kuchh hilly road.

Police said that the intention was to harm the security forces.

25 cane bombs were planted in different places in the forest on a kuchha hilly road that starts from Nimdih-Pandburu and goes to to Kudahatu under Dalbhanga Outpost of Seraikela district.

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Each cane bomb weighed around 3 to 5 kg.

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The IEDs recovered during the operation were meticulously defused and destroyed by the Bomb Disposal Squad.

Seraikela SP Anand Prakash said in a press conference on Friday that the said IED was planted by Anal Squad to target and harm the security forces.

He said that the bombs were found, defused and destroyed in time, otherwise the police party and villagers would have been killed.

He said that all the police officers and police personnel involved in the drive would be rewarded.

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