Friday, September 17, 2021

Rains cause waterlogging at Tinplate Roundabout

Even slight rain throws vehicular traffic in a disarray at Tinplate Main Roundabout. Waterlogging causes immense problems for the commuters and vehicle drivers. Not much has been done to resolve this issue.

Jamshedpur: Waterlogging at Tinplate Roundabout everytime it rains is a major problem being faced by the commuters and locals of the area. This problem has been persisting for several months, but not much has been done yet to resolve this issue.

Even a light rains causes water to accumulate on the road and water level rises to knee-deep.

Every year during the rains, this issue has been recurring.

Women pedestrians face a lot of problems in negotiating the watery road while crossing it.

Even motorcyclists remain prone to accidents. Major accidents can be caused due to waterlogging in the area, locals apprehend.

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Due to incessant rain since Wednesday morning, motorcyclists and pedestrians faced a lot of problems due to waterlogging near Tinplate Roundablut.

Although this problem is not new, it has been happening for years. While Tinplate Company of India is located next to it, the regular waterlogging issue has failed to draw the attention of authorities.

Being the main thoroughfare, hundreds of people pass through this road daily.

While the situation is precarious for pedestrians, for women pedestrians crossing the waterlogged portion of the road is a big challenge.

A local commuter Ranjit Kumar said that since the road is beyond the bounds for commuters near Tinplate Kali temple, water from all four sides accumulates near the roundabout.

He said that due to faulty construction of the road the issue of waterlogging keeps causing problems to the commuters and this problem remains unresolved for months.

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He urged the authorities to ensure improvement of the road so that people going to Baridih, Teenplate Golmuri and Telco can use the road freely.

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